Use Stained Glass Windows to Decorate Your HomeUse Stained Glass Windows to Decorate Your Home

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Use Stained Glass Windows to Decorate Your Home

My name is Linda, and I am a professional interior decorator with additional experience in construction. I am passionate about the beauty of stained glass and its ability to completely transform a room or an entire home. Consider turning one or more of your windows into a work of art by replacing it with a stained glass design. If you don't want to completely replace a window, you can order a customized stained glass window and have it hung in front of your existing window. This creates a lovely focal piece in your home. Decorating with stained glass is easy and can make a huge difference in your home's appearance.

Why Should You Choose Wood Composite Window Frames?

When the time comes to replace your windows, you need not only to choose a type of glass, but also a frame material. Vinyl, aluminum, and wooden window frames all have their merits. However, for most homeowners, the best choice is often wood composite window frames. Many window companies have their own, proprietary wood composite material, and though they may vary slightly, they all offer the following benefits for homeowners.

Wood composite is resistant to rot and corrosion.

Wood window frames will develop rot and mold as a result of exposure to the elements. And you can't exactly keep the outside of your window frames out of the rain! Aluminum window frames won't rust, but they will eventually corrode when exposed to moisture. Wood composite window frames, on the other hand, are resistant to rot, corrosion, and other forms of moisture damage. It doesn't matter if it rains 10 days a year or 100 days a year in your area -- your frames will remain in good shape.

Wood composite is a good insulator.

Heat passes through untreated glass rather quickly, so many homeowners focus on the glass when choosing windows for energy efficiency. However, it's also important to consider the insulating capacity of the window frame material. Wood composite is an excellent insulator; a lot less heat passes through it, so your energy bills will go down in the summer and in the winter.

Wood composite won't bow away from the glass.

Natural wood window frames often warp over time as the wood is exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Eventually, air can start seeping in between the frame and the glass. Wood composite, on the other hand, won't warp in response to climate changes. So, it stays tightly against the window frame and allows for fewer air leaks. This makes composite windows an even more energy-efficient choice!

Wood composite is made from recycled materials.

Usually, wood composite frames are made from the scraps generated when other wooden items are made. These scrap pieces of wood pulp are mixed with concrete, which is also a natural material, to make a very green, earth-friendly building material. When you buy composite window frames, you are reducing the amount of wood waste that goes to the landfills.

To learn more about the benefits of wood composite, talk to a window company in your area. Chances are, they have their own proprietary wood composite material and can give you its exact specifications. 

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