Use Stained Glass Windows to Decorate Your HomeUse Stained Glass Windows to Decorate Your Home

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Use Stained Glass Windows to Decorate Your Home

My name is Linda, and I am a professional interior decorator with additional experience in construction. I am passionate about the beauty of stained glass and its ability to completely transform a room or an entire home. Consider turning one or more of your windows into a work of art by replacing it with a stained glass design. If you don't want to completely replace a window, you can order a customized stained glass window and have it hung in front of your existing window. This creates a lovely focal piece in your home. Decorating with stained glass is easy and can make a huge difference in your home's appearance.

Nest Mess: How To Unclog Your Gutters When Birds Have Made A Nest

The gutters are an easy part of your home to ignore, but ignoring issues with the gutter will be difficult if they become too clogged. Often, it will just take a little bit of time and effort to remove the leaves from the top of the gutters so that the water can flow freely. Other times cleaning out the gutters will take a little bit more physical energy and maneuvering. Finding bird nests in your gutters will be one of those times. Here are some ways to clear out your gutters for good when the birds have decided to move in. 

Safely remove the bird's nest

Depending on the bird's nest and the time of year, there may be eggs inside of the nest or the bird may be prepared to lay eggs. For many birds, it can take hours to days to perfectly complete a nest, meaning a lot of energy and hard work. If you notice that there are eggs inside of the nest, it can be a good idea to relocate the nest, rather than destroy it. After you have located a nest, put on gloves and remove the nest as gently as possible. Place the nest as close to the place that it was built as possible. This may be higher on your roof or on another structure close to the gutters. This will allow the bird to find it with ease. 

Use cleaning solution for the gutters

After the gutter is cleared of any nests and litter, you should use a good cleaning solution to make sure that any disease or virus carrying materials is destroyed. Cleaning the gutters is better for the health of the ground as well as the health of the family. If possible, seek an environmentally friendly cleaning agent so that that it does not destroy your plants or grass. 

Put up netting surrounding the gutter

Once the gutter has been properly cleaned, you should set up gutter netting so that the issue of anything falling in does not occur. Gutter mesh can be permanently affixed to the gutters so that you only have to perform this service once. The holes in the mesh will permit small debris and water only so that the issue of the gutter becoming clogged is no longer a problem. The tiny debris that will be able to get inside of the gutter can easily be washed down via the precipitation of the rain or snow.

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